Registration Form for Computer Basics

Registration Form for Computer Basics Course

Name: __________________________________________________ Phone#: ___________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________ Postal Code: ________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

1. You are encouraged to bring your laptop with you to the course if you have one.
Will you be bringing your laptop? __ no __ yes
2. Are you a MAC of PC user? __________
3. Which of these operating systems does your laptop run? __ Windows 7 __ Windows 8
__ Windows 10
__ Other: Identify: _______________________________

4. Check all items, that apply to you below, related to the tech device this workshop
focuses on:
__ new user
__ have had the device for awhile but am struggling with it
__ want to expand what I already know
__ technology scares me
__ I am pretty comfortable with technology

5. How will you be paying?
__ cash
__ check
Please drop off or mail completed registration form with payment to:
Camrose and Area Adult Learning Council 2nd floor 4707 – 56 st Camrose