Week 3 – Your Relationship with Money

WEEK 3: Your Relationship with Money




Money Smart Weekly Conversation Fact: 1/3 of Canadians are struggling to keep up with their bills and payments. Your relationship with money impacts your money management ability.



We all live in the same consumer driven culture with unrealistic media images encouraging a standard of living we may not be able to afford. Easy access to credit and online shopping makes it easy for us to spend money without too much thought about how we will pay for what we purchase. Last week, you identified your Money Management Style. Is your “style” working for you or not? How did that style develop?
Why are some of us so good at managing our money while others struggle?
It might have something to do with our relationship with money.
Many of us are spending on auto pilot and creating money management habits without any conscious awareness of the values and beliefs that we are basing our money related decisions upon. Most of us have some ideas and knowledge about how to effectively manage our money but there is still a huge gap between what we know about managing our money effectively and what we actually do. This seems to indicate that knowledge alone does not form our behaviour. Deepening awareness about our values and beliefs related to money is key to uncovering what is motivating our spending and our money management behaviour.
This week, I am encouraging you to explore your beliefs related to money.


Take a moment to answer each of these questions to deepen awareness about your beliefs related to money.
1. What is your personal definition of money?
2. What does wealth and abundance in life mean to you personally?
3. How would you describe success?
4. What does having enough money mean to you?




Money Smart Week 3 Question: What influences your ability to effectively manage your personal finances?


Now, What Do I do?

Email your answer to the Money Smart Week 3 Question with your full name and mailing address to calc@camroselearning.com  
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You can enter your name once each week for a total of 17 chances to win!  Answer the question anytime before the end of the Challenge on May 28, 2017 and your name will be entered into the draw for a Samsung Tablet. 
So, If you missed answering the Money Smart Week 1 Question or the Money Smart Week 2 Question, go to those weeks now and answer the question(s).
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