Week 1 – Introduction to the MONEY SMART Challenge

Week 1: Start the Year Right, take the…


Money Smart Weekly Conversation Fact: Nearly 50% of Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck. A recent survey of working Canadians by the Canadian Payroll Association revealed that 48% of people would be in trouble if their paycheck was delayed even by one week.



The Money Smart Challenge  was developed to:

  • start a conversation about personal finances
  • increase your money management knowledge and skills
  • stimulate thoughtful exploration of your money management behavior
  • create awareness about how you are currently using your money
  • help you discover the right money management strategies for YOU!


Funding for the Money Smart Challenge was provided by

Camrose and District Support Services. 


The 19 week Money Smart Challenge will address topics such as:

Your Relationship with Money
Tracking Your Spending
Setting Financial Goals and Priorities
Making Credit Work for You
Using Credit Cards Wisely
Dealing with Debt
Living within My Means
Setting up a Financial Plan or Budget
Evaluating Disposable income Expenses
Plugging Spending Leaks
Saving Money
Investing in Your Future
Talking with Your Partner about Money
Payday Loans and Installment Loans



Each Monday, starting January 30 and ending May 22, 2017:

  • Click on the MONEY SMART tab on the Home page
  • Click on the current Week (Week 1, Week 2, etc.)
  • Read the Money Smart information for that week.
  • Answer the Money Smart Weekly Question.
  • Your name will automatically be entered into a draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. ( a $300 Value!) You can enter your name once each week for a total of 17 chances to win!
  • (NOTE! Only residents of the City of Camrose and Camrose County are eligible for the draw for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.)



Money Smart Weekly Question: How many weeks could you go without a paycheck (or some other form of regular income) before you would start being unable to pay your monthly expenses?