Money Smart Personal Financial Management Course

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
EveryoneMoney Smart Personal Financial Management CourseKaren HillsCALC Classroom1-3 p.m.

Money Smart Personal Financial Management Course

Thursday afternoons from 1-3 pm.

Starts October 17 and runs until December 12 (no session on October 31)

  • increase your money management knowledge and skills
  • stimulate thoughtful exploration of your money management behavior
  • create awareness about how you are currently using your money

Help discover the right money management strategies for YOU

During the 8 week course, we will address topics such as:

  • Your Relationship with Money
  • Tracking Your Spending
  • Setting Financial Goals and Priorities
  • Making Credit Work for You
  • Using Credit Cards Wisely
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Living within My Means
  • Setting up a Financial Plan or Budget
  • Evaluating Disposable Income Expenses
  • Plugging Spending Leaks
  • Saving Money
  • Investing in Your Future
  • Talking with Your Partner about Money
  • Payday Loans and Installment Loans

To Register Call Diane at 780-672-8754 or email:

Cost is $60 (A sliding fee scale is available.)

Registration Deadline is October 10, 2019